Eat dessert for breakfast! It can actually diminish your cravings throughout the day. Try this sweet treat after your protein-rich breakfast! Turn to page 73.

Allow yourself a cheat meal once a week. Enjoy a cheat meal that won’t bust your goals with the Pizza Margherita! Find the tasty recipe on page 381.

Avoid “health foods” that spike blood sugar. Find the answers why you should skip the fat-free dressings and California roll on page 178.

Fight fatigue with a snack! Find nighttime tummy tamers that won’t affect your sleep cycle on page 25.

Is celery really a “negative calorie” food? Get the truth directly from the doctors on page 55.

Stop the “feel fat” bloating with this juicy yellow fruit that’s loaded with an enzyme that helps break down protein and promotes digestion. Page 12

Boost your bones with the 12 sources of calcium on page 112. If you don’t take in enough of the mineral, your body may begin to release a hormone that promotes fat storage!

Plus, bonus sections show you how to:

Tame your blood pressure with a daily dose of dark chocolate, plus 18 more natural remedies for hypertension on page 51.

Maintain your new body for life with 15 tips to keep the weight off and keep your success going strong.

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Click here to try them all FREE for 21 Days!
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